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Virtual Amazing Race -
Fallen Dragon's Lost Treasure

Embark on an adventure from home! Race across Singapore to complete fun, educational, and interactive challenges.

1.5 Hours
Recommended Age Group:
17 years and above
Min. 20 persons
Fallen Dragon's Lost Treasure

Race to different parts of Singapore with your team to retrieve clues to the final secret location. At certain junctures, your team may face roadblocks. Complete the physical challenges to pass the roadblocks to proceed with the quest! The first team to locate the hidden treasure wins!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of teamwork in optimising group performance.
  • Understand the stories and history behind street names in Singapore.
  • Appreciate Singapore’s heritage and beginnings as a diverse society

Striking terror through violence, Singapore’s oldest secret society, Ghee Hin Kongsi, once ruled the streets of pre-colonial Singapore. The chief who made his fortunes from operating gambling and opium dens was one day found in cold blood, murdered by one of his men.

Before the murderer was captured, he hid the treasure somewhere near his residence, hoping to retrieve it once he is released. However, he died in prison and till this day the treasure has not been uncovered. Remaining artefacts provide clues of where the murderer used to live and the hidden treasure.


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