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Permanent Exhibits Gallery - Through the Lens of Time

Step into an immersive journey from past to present. Discover new stories and perspectives about Singapore.

The Beginnings

Get transported back in time, as we explore the history of early Singapore through a new lens.

Set sail on the visual journey from our beginnings as a thriving maritime emporium to a British colonial port.

The Turning Point

What are the dangers of dependency and how did we overcome them? Glimpse into stories of courage and resilience amid the overwhelming hardships of war. 

Enduring Scars of War

Encounter the devastating impact of war through the horrors and sufferings the populace experienced.

Days of Darkness

Through the eyes of a young girl, experience the atrocities of the war and life under extraordinary and challenging circumstances in this short film.

Resistance and Resilience

Gain a deeper understanding of the tenacity and resilience displayed by our resistance forces, against the backdrop of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.

Undying Valour

Survive endless hordes of enemies in an immersive augmented reality game centred around the fierce Battle of Opium Hill.

Against All Odds

Explore Singapore’s tumultuous years as we overcome conflicting ideologies and acts of sabotage in our fight for sovereignty.


Discover more about the ambush of our soldiers in the dense jungles of Kota Tinggi.

Relentless Sabotage

Uncover the widespread and persistent acts of sabotage that hit our shores during Konfrontasi.

The Road to Independence

Journey through the momentous era that was lit with Singapore’s drive for sovereignty.

Building Our Foundation

Encounter the milestones in our developmental years as Singapore forged to build its economy and make its mark on the global stage.

The 1983 Cable Car Tragedy

Experience the harrowing ordeal of one of the worst civil disasters in our history through the lens of those at the scene.

Rescue Mission

Battle strong winds, low visibility and a ticking clock, in this augmented reality game that illustrates the dangerous rescue mission in the 1983 Cable Car Tragedy.

Our Milestones

Grab the mic and step into the role of a reporter. Discover new titbits from key moments in Singapore’s development over the years.

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