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Total Defence (TD) Day (February-March)

Discover the various aspects of Total Defence through exciting mission-based learning stations.

3 hours
(Inclusive of break)
Min. 30 pax
(Per session)
Cohort visits are highly recommended
*Complimentary bus transport (T&C apply)

What students

  • Understand and appreciate the importance of TD, including the latest 6th pillar, Digital Defence, to help contribute to the building of a strong, safe and cohesive nation in times of troubled peace, as well as to learn about current and evolving threats to our nation’s security                                                                            
  • Instil a sense of confidence and commitment to Singapore and reflect on how everyone has to do our part in Total Defence
  • Learn about the causes and consequences of the new and evolving threats

Students will learn about the various aspects of TD through exciting mission-based learning stations set up not only in the Permanent Exhibit Gallery (PEG), but also in the Special TD Exhibition. The programme will cover the impact that geopolitical issues have on Singapore, what we can do to stand against these threats and how we can build resilience through strengthening our understanding and application of TD as one united nation braving new frontiers together. A great way to catch your reader’s attention is to tell a story.

Programme summary

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