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SAF & Home Team

Foster stronger bonds and build a sense of camaraderie in your unit and battalion.

At the heart of our nation’s defence stands the basic foundation of psychological resilience of our SAF and Home Team servicemen and women. By reinforcing their sense of loyalty and belonging to Singapore, Singapore Discovery Centre’s (SDC) defence groups events strengthen the servicemen and women’s will to fight for the country and make Singapore a safe and secure home for all our people.

Operationally Ready Date (ORD) Ceremonies

After two years of rigorous training, our nation’s boys emerge as competent young men prepared to defend the country – a rite of passage worth celebrating. Our close links to the SAF makes SDC the ideal location for ORD functions. Our surroundings will complement the sense of patriotism within our newly-minted soldiers before they venture out into their vocations.

MINDEF Reserve (MR) /Run-Out-Date (ROD) Ceremonies

SDC will pull out all stops to recognise the sweat, effort and time our countrymen have put in to protect sovereignty. We will ensure the MR and ROD ceremonies go off without a glitch so that all focus can be directed at appreciating our nation’s defenders.

Cohesion Days

Give the Cohesion Day a breath of fresh air by moving from your usual working or training location to SDC. Here, you will find that perfect atmosphere to foster stronger bonds and build a sense of camaraderie in your unit and battalion more effectively.

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