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A Peek Into The Highlights Of Sandbox

The newly opened experience at the Permanent Exhibits Gallery, Sandbox just launched last month with five broad themes featuring a myriad of thought-provoking content and topics for visitors to explore.

Introducing a wide variety of interactives with themes that surround the complexities of contemporary Singapore, there’s truly so much to cover within a visit!

Feeling lost on where to start? Fret not! Read on to gain a peek into the new features of Sandbox that ought not to be missed!

1. Admire the ‘Shifting Sands' short film right when you step into Sandbox

As much as you’re excited to go deep into the interactive exhibits of Sandbox, trust us to stay and watch these visuals that tell a compelling story, located right at the entrance of the gallery.

Watch the oddly satisfying and transfixing visuals of swift sand movements and get transported back into simpler times of a child filled with vibrant creativity, playing in a sandbox!

2. Strength of Our Nation: Play Battlefield Command

Battlefield Command offers a fun simulation experience that allows you to defend against threats from land, air, and sea! Play with three other friends and enter an advanced virtual reality world at this command centre.

3. Strength of Our Nation: Test your skills in the Situation Room

Located right beside Battlefield Command, a prominent grenade-inspired structure sits in the middle of the exhibits space, but what’s most alluring is the gem inside it – the Situation Room features another interactive game not to miss.

As a team, test out your leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in countering threats and resolving geostrategic conflicts, virus outbreaks, or other disasters.

4. Strength of Our Nation: Encounter a 'Crisis!'

As you step out of the Situation Room, spot a few game pods stationed around the space called Crisis!

This immersive exploratory gameplay is played from a first-person perspective. Manoeuvre around in your virtual world and encounter hybrid threats, where your choices determine your fate.

5. Our People, Our Home: Watch 'The Ties That Bind' Short Film

Enter into Our People, Our Home, and look up to a mega-screen featuring a short heartwarming film!

Follow a comical and lighthearted Singaporean story of courteous neighbours bonding over food despite their multicultural differences.

6. Our People, Our Home: Explore the vibrant spaces that bind us as one nation!

In the ‘Bedrock of our Nation’ section located in ‘Our People, Our Home’, explore citizen stories and digital interactives to appreciate our vibrant social tapestry. Scan the AR markers to play the digital interactives or view an expansion of the exhibit content. You will also recognize some of Singapore’s familiar iconic landmarks!

7. Onward to Our Future: Run around in 'Trends!'

Test your knowledge of Singapore’s megatrends and sustainability through this massive and colourful life-sized quiz game. The higher the cumulative score of players, the more lush the greenery on the centrepiece will be!

Rush around to answer the quizzes and aim to accumulate the most points to gain your name on the digital TV scoreboard hanging above!

8. Stop by these five attractive photo spots!

Wondering where in Sandbox are the best places to take photos? We’ve got you covered! Here are five Instagram-worthy photo spots that’ll surely brighten up your social media feeds.

Our People, Our Home: A Spot For Tea At The Kopitiam

Look out for this traditional Kopitiam set! Snap a picture in this aesthetically-pleasing nostalgic set-up that’ll bring you back to the past.

Fast Forward: Wall of Wonders

Customise your combination of digital sand art colours on the Wall of Wonders by selecting the desired attributes of the Singapore you hope to see in the future!

Particles Of Change

Bust out your best poses with the interactive golden digital sand art that’ll follow your movements.

Our People, Our Home: A Reservoir Of Resourcefulness

Play around and put your best pose forward! Enjoy the engaging tactile interactives and pose with the interactives scattered around!

Onward To Our Future: Creating New Twists

Have fun interacting with the tactile exhibits. Pose with oversized comical drawers!

9. Fast Forward: Check out what’s in the pods at Finding Common Ground

Broaden your horizon and explore various stimulating societal and environmental topics to engage in discussions with your peers! As they all say, the first step to change is awareness.

At Finding Common Ground, seize the opportunities to spark critical conversations and shape the change you want to see in our Singapore.

10. Be a part of our SDCity!

Create your own avatar using the mySDC app on your mobile and project your customised avatar onto the giant glowing globe!

Psst, you can redeem costumes for your avatar with points! Just scan the AR markers around the gallery and complete tasks or games to earn points!

We can’t wait to welcome you to Singapore Discovery Centre!

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