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Singapore Story, Global Perspective

Understand how each country’s actions can affect one another, whether international or not.

3 hours
(Inclusive of break)
Min. 20 pax / Max. 60 pax
*Complimentary bus transport (T&C apply)

What students learn

  • Discover and appreciate our Singapore Story
  • Explore various contemporary issues which are of interest to PSEI students

Many hot button issues close to home will be adopted as topics for discussion. This programme aims to take some of these issues for students to study and analyse them not just at the national level, but from a global perspective, that is, understanding of multiple perspectives and the complexity of these issues. Students will get to explore Singapore’s place in an everchanging world and understand how each country’s actions can affect one another, whether intentional or not.

Proposed Themes (to be updated based on the latest issues)

  • Threats and security
  • International economic environment (globalisation) and the impact of cultural differences (cross-cultural understanding)

Programme summary

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