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Educators’ Retreat

Have a fun and engaging day at SDC with our wide range of facilities and NE resources.

5 hours
(Inclusive of travelling time)
Min. 1 bus
(Max. 40 pax per bus)

What participants learn

  • Encourage staff bonding and team building


  • Understand the importance of National Education and learn to appreciate how far Singapore has come and celebrate her unique culture through a series of activities

The programme aims to curate a memorable NE experience for educators! Have a fun and engaging day at SDC with our wide range of facilities and NE resources. The following additional components can be put together to meet your school’s needs:

SAFTI Bus Tour [30 Mins]
Hop onto our SAFTI bus and view the 88-hectare training ground for officers-to-be. This tour will offer a unique glimpse into the life of an officer cadet and the role of the SAF in the security and defence of Singapore.

Guided Tour [2 Hrs]
Be immersed in a multi-sensory experience on a guided tour of SDC’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery to learn more about our nation building days, the uniqueness of Singapore and how Singapore looks to the future.

Staff NE-Mazing Race [3 Hrs]
Be part of an exciting race to find out more about the Singapore Story through challenges around SDC. Participants will have the opportunity to bond with one another through team building activities.

MOE departments, clusters and schools can organise their own retreat, while SDC will provide support as a venue provider. Alternatively, allow SDC to provide a 1-stop service, to assist to organise the retreat, including venue, catering, team building activities and facilitation.

Programme summary

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