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Enjoy a slew of fun activities and learn how you can play your part to keep Singapore strong. Activities include interactive trail, TD-themed carnival, craft, 4D simulator rides, Singapore Story short films, SAFTI bus tour and mission-based laser tag game.

Special Exhibition and Activities

Total Defence For Thee!
(Special Exhibition)

The special exhibition consists of 3 zone areas that reflects on the evolution of Total Defence over the past 40 years, championing the stories of countless heroes who rose from diverse backgrounds to confront challenges at our nation’s doorstep.

– Highlight of the exhibition will be its role-playing concept, prompting you to answer the call to adventure and embrace the quest for Total Defence!

The Call To Adventure (Interactive Trail)

Embark on the call to adventure and join us on an interactive trail, where every step propels you into a captivating journey. Rewards await you at the end of the expedition!

Forge Your Armour (Craft)

Add your unique mark to the community shield! Contribute to forging the armour before you embark on this journey.

Trials and Tests
(Laser Tag Mission)

Gear up for your expedition and join our training session to hone your skills! Go through an obstacle course designed to hone your skills and push your limits in our laser tag arena.

Note: 10 min short gameplay, guests play in their own groups against each other. Capture the flag mission.

Celebrating Your Victory

Celebrate your triumph and revel in the joy of victory! Join us in a vibrant carnival after you navigate through the battles and collect your loot!

Defence Through The Ages
(Guided Tour)

Exploring key historical events shaping defence strategy, and discover their role in ensuring Singapore’s safety at our Total Defence Special Exhibition.

Singapore Stories Film Screening

Come with us on a journey through some of the key historical events that have shaped our defence strategy through the years and explore how you can play a part in keeping our home safe.

The Hero Returns
(Collectible pins)

Welcome back, hero! Your triumphant return deserves recognition. Collect your prize after completing the challenges. Assemble the ultimate set – gather all three pins to commemorate your heroic journey and showcase your accomplishment.

Pin1: Completion of Pledging in exhibition, collection at MPH

Pin2: Completion of PE trail card, collection at retail window

Pin3: Completion of survey/feedback, collection at retail window

Pin 4: Pin only at Navy Museum

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