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Be transported into a realm of mythical wonder as we pay tribute to the majestic dragon – the symbol of strength, prosperity, and good fortune!


Lion Dance

Join the rhythmic beats and lively atmosphere, as the lion brings blessings for a prosperous year ahead. It’s a spectacle of cultural richness and joy, welcoming the Lunar New Year with an auspicious roar!

Dragon Tales

Make your own paper dragons, then let your imagination soar as you watch them come alive through tales inspired by the majestic dragon!

Wings of Prosperity

Follow the dragon’s path, discover hidden treasures and embrace the spirit of good fortune on this festive trail adventure!

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Money No Enough 3 (2D)

The third movie in the popular MONEY NO ENOUGH series tells the story of Young Seniors Ah Hui, Ah Qiang and Ah Huang, who have been lifelong friends, and each face their own family and financial problems. In their attempt to join forces and support each another, their grand plan falls apart when the younger generation challenges the beliefs and value systems of the Young Seniors. Ah Huang’s mounting debts drive him to desperate measures. He borrows money from Ah Qiang and Ah Hui, and builds illegal businesses that eventually prosper. However, his greed gets the better of him and he refuses to return any borrowed money from his trusting friends. Amidst his financial success, one of his businesses collapses, impacting not only his own family but also families of his two friends. Can the three friends and their families ever find a way to reconcile? Is money really the solution to everything?

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